Evidence-based speech, language and literacy therapy designed collaboratively, targeting everyday communication skills to help your child succeed. Activities are guided by your child’s interests and specific goals. We will work together to determine a treatment approach that suits your child’s needs and your family’s schedule. We offer both virtual and in-person sessions, depending on the child’s needs and goals.


Treatment sessions will always be play-based and led by the child’s interests. Sessions will be fun and engaging for the child and easy for parents to replicate at home, in-between sessions.

Goals will be determined collaboratively by the family, child and SLP, based on real-life communication needs and concerns. They will be tailored to you and your child’s unique interests, needs and skills.

What do we target:

Expressive Language/Use of Language

Does your child have difficulty expressing themselves? Do they become frustrated when others cannot understand them?
  • Combining words together in meaningful ways
  • Expressing wants and needs effectively
  • Increasing vocabulary (using a larger variety of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs)
  • Improving grammar, sentence structure, word structure and order 
  • Increasing sentence length and improving overall complexity of sentences
  • Asking meaningful questions and participating in conversations with friends and family
  • Improving higher level language skills e.g., such as telling stories, giving directions, summarizing text etc.

Receptive Language/Understanding of Language

Does your child have difficulty understanding what you say? Do you often have to repeat instructions or show them what to do? Do teachers tell you they have trouble listening?
  • Following and understanding single step and multi-step directions
  • Understanding a variety of different words and concepts
  • Understanding grammatical structures (e.g. word endings such as plurals, past-tense, verb endings etc.)
  • Understanding and responding to questions accurately

Speech Sounds/Articulation

Are your child’s speech sounds unclear? Do friends and family often ask you to clarify what your child just said?
  • Increasing overall speech clarity and intelligibility
  • Producing speech sounds and sound combinations expected based on age

Social Skills

Does your child have difficulty making friends or having conversations with peers?
  • Engaging in meaningful conversations with peers and family
  • Building meaningful relationships at school and in the community
  • Playing games of interest with peers
  • Understand verbal and nonverbal social cues

Phonological Awareness and Literacy

Is your child having difficulty meeting grade-level standards for reading?
  • Prerequisite literacy skills necessary for reading,  including
  • Rhyming 
  • Sound identification
  • Blending sounds together to make words (i.e. c-a-t makes cat)
  • Breaking words up into the sounds (i.e. dog has three sounds d-o-g)
  • Counting syllables and words

Assistant Led

Direct therapy with a SLP-Assistant
with a reduced rate
SLP supervised
Start Now
  • Fun, play-based sessions
  • Child-led activities
  • Improvement in communication skills
  • Individualized home plans
  • Virtual or in-person sessions 
  • Ongoing communication with SLP

Speech Session

Individualized, direct treatment with your child
SLP's lead through play
Start Now
  • Improvement in communication skills
  • Parent empowerment, coaching and education
  • Ongoing collaboration and goal reviews
  • Actionable plans and strategies
  • Home-based activities
  • Multi-disciplinary consultation as needed


Comprehensive assessment and formal Report
starting at
recommendations and goals for treatment
Start Now
  • Discuss results and any diagnoses
  • Collaborative goal setting
  • Recommendations and next steps 
  • Comprehensive written report
  • Determines eligibility for services/funding
* We do not offer direct billing at this time

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