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Private individualized speech and language therapy.
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We are available via email or phone for a free consultation. We would love to discuss your child’s current communication skills and chat about your questions or concerns!
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Our Speech Language Patologists will respond within 2-3 business days for email enquiries

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Our evaluations last 1.5 hours and include parent interviews, games, assessment tasks and a discussion around treatment options.
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A detailed report will be provided following the evaluation.

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Treatment sessions will always be play-based and led by the child’s interests. Sessions will be fun and engaging for the child and easy for parents to replicate at home, in-between sessions. 

Goals will be determined collaboratively by the family, child and SLP, based on real-life communication needs and concerns.
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Treatment will always be tailored to you and your child’s unique interests, needs and skills.

Private individualized speech and language therapy.

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Areas of Practice

As a speech pathologist with over 7 years experience, I enjoy nothing more than getting to know every single child and family I have the pleasure of meeting.
• Speech Sounds Delays
• Language Delays (use of language, understanding of language, vocabulary, sentence structure, word structure)
• Phonological Awareness/Literacy
• Social Communication and Interaction Skills

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